Update On Us 4

November 11, 2009 Hey, hey;

I had some fun last night. There is a 52 meter (171ft) sailing yacht at port in Santa Barbara right now. She sails in about twice a year.

Last night I was fortunate enough to be shown around. It is a privately owned yacht and almost no outsiders ever get to board. I felt privileged.

I started by taking off my shoes the minute I boarded. Shoes drag dirt and the wrong shoes can do damage. I started on the rear deck area. There’s a couple of “fighting chairs” out there. Those are chairs for fighting a huge fish up to the boat. It’s unusual for a craft like this to have them.

From there we went down stairs to a lower rear entry. The door opens at about 6 inches above the water level. Next was the engine room. It houses twin Cat C32 engines. Each puts out about 1,000 HP. WOW!

We returned to the deck and took a complete tour of the interior. There is so much cool stuff to tell, I can but offer a few tidbits. On the front mast is a power crow’s nest. It lowers so one can climb in and be lifted up for surveying ahead.

As always, pictures do it no justice! But here's a couple.

The top picture and these two belong to another.

And here's me with my new found best friend!

What a beautiful vessel! And everybody was so friendly. They never made us feel like we were invading their home.

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