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On the last day of our summer vacation we went on a sunset cruise. A nice college girl was kind enough to take our picture. Looking on from our right is Rick. He was in town on business. He repairs and tunes pipe organs.

What a peaceful and serene place to live aboard a boat at anchorage.

Come nightfall it is so dark and quiet out there. I still plan to have a boat and live at anchorage for a while. I have wanted to do that since I was in high school. I used to dream of finding a fixer-upper and live in it while I did the work.

Here’s a couple that could use a little fixing upper! The center boat says “Circa 1938” on the side. I don’t know, there’s just something romantic about old, forgotten dreams. Take note that the current residences, on all these boats, are nonhuman.

These are the college girls who took our picture. They spent the entire trip giggling and taking pictures of each other. They were too cute.

And he was taking a picture of himself and his girl.

As we rounded the end of the peninsula, we got there just in time to see the sun set, both over land and over the sea.

What a spectacular sunset it was, too! I’m tellin’ ya’, Captain Don knew exactly where to sail for everyone onboard to enjoy the trip immensely. He took us out by a bunch of dolphins and zig-zagged through the waters to every interesting sight there was.

And now we’re on our way back into the Santa Barbara harbor.

What a great time. It was like we were on permanent vacation. Am I whetting your whistle for a trip to Santa Barbara? That’s not the purpose of my site but if I am, it means I’m doing my job. I love it here and I love photographically capturing my ventures.

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