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Back in Santa Barbara I found a few other interesting sights. I have never seen a tree quite like this before. I don’t know what it is or where it is a native. This one now grows along the main tourist walk called State Street.

Then, it’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but I have an “Only in Santa Barbara” moment. This doggy water bowl has ice cubes in it. It is one of many watering bowls that local business owners are kind enough to set out for doggy passers by.

This sweet, little thing was pretty much ignoring the world around her. She just sat there on the sand. I am imagining she was resting from her latest huge fish meal. Yummy! Well, at least for her it was yummy. I’ll stick with the food I ate at the Red Viking thank you very much.

Then we have the cackling clutch of pigeons out on the wharf.

One day we went to Ventura. It’s about 20 minutes South of Santa Barbara. I always head for the harbor first thing. I saw this boat, The Gentry Eagle.

It is billed as the world’s fastest motor yacht. It's 114 feet long. Tom Gentry set a transatlantic record with the yacht, then transformed it into a luxury motor yacht. Online I see an ad that it is for sale. I don’t know how old the ad is or whether it is still for sale.

Imagine popping around the world in that little cutie.

Tom Gentry died @ age 67 in Honolulu, Jan. 15, 1998.

Here’s another scene from the Ventura Harbor.

There is also a fisherman’s memorial created by a local artist. As expected, it commemorates those who lost their lives providing us with seafood.

She actually took full body castings of some local fishermen to create a three dimensional memorial.

And this is sunset at the harbor. Think they all look the same? They don’t when you are standing there. That much I can say.

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