September 14, 2009 Hey, hey everybody;

It has been a fun week. We celebrated our wedding anniversary (for the entire week). We pretended that we were back in the days when neither of us had responsibilities. Back then we had some money set aside. We were very careful as to how we spent it and we did a lot of fun stuff on very little money.

Through the week we made our meals at home more than usual. When we did eat out we went for fast food. That is the way it was way back when. We made a couple of exceptions. We went to Paradise Cafe' once and we went on a sunset sail along the coast.

We spent a lot of the week walking and playing on the beaches here. We took naps nearly every day. We got up mornings, went to the athletic club and after that just hung out as though we had nothing to accomplish.

One day we drove up into the hills. We went to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. This is the front gate.

From a little farther out you can see the huge, protective wall around the entrance.

And from a little different vantage point you can see that the wall only goes a little ways. Look to the right of the red arrow. That is the gate from the above pictures.

I expected the whole property to be surrounded by a huge wall, like we see in Las Vegas, surrounding star’s homes. But here it just turns to split rail fencing. However I could see security’s dirt road, immediately inside the split rail, where they patrol the property.

Right across the street was an old oak tree that seemed to be a magnet for Red Headed Wood Peckers. This is just one branch of the tree. Each little black speck is a hole pecked in the branch by one of the birds.

A little closer view of the sweet, charming critter.

You can see the holes in this branch as well, if you look closely.

From there we went to a little Danish village called Solvang. It’s pretty well known. We had lunch at The Red Viking. Great food! I know there are bunches of places in Solvang with excellent food. This happens to be the one we chose and it was exceptional.

On the edge of town lies the Santa Ines Mission. This old cross was forgotten near the back entrance to the property. It made me think, we often hear of the Shroud of Turin, but I wonder what ever became of the cross of Jesus? Think it was reused? Was it just discarded? I wonder?

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