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After that we went into the maritime museum.

On entering we ran into this ol’ suit. It’s an old diver’s suit from away back when. It’s super heavy and it’s massive in order to stand up under the deep sea pressure.

There’s a lot more diving information inside.

There is so much information and history in there. It starts way back with the Chumash Indians of the area. They got around in wood plank canoes know as tomolos. Even the way these tomolos were constructed is fascinating.

I got to see one in action.

There is never ending information on each one of these subjects. They are all interesting to see and learn about. It all kept our attention for the day and then some. I find I have to let go or I would be studying and learning non-stop.

All these things and enjoying the beaches, State Street and people watching sure filled my weekend.

Oh, yeah, then we got to see an honest to goodness bird fight. While these two gulls were scrapping the Crow kept swooping down and attacking the one on top. I guess he was trying to even out the fight, huh!? Always something going on.

And we got to see a couple just enjoying the day!

Well, fun day to ya. I’ll write again.

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