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This little guy didn’t seem overly impressed. I think maybe he was plumb tuckered out from the voyage.

The coast guard was giving tours of its local vessel, plus the maritime museum was included in the ticket price when you boarded the Brigantine, The Irving Johnson. That is the name of the tall ship.

After we were through on the Irving Johnson, we took the tour of the United States Coast Guard Cutter BLACKFIN.

I didn’t catch the name of the young man who led our tour. It is quiet interesting.

He told us about their launch and recovery system using a jet propelled, aluminum hulled craft that launches from the stern of the Blackfin. Then he took us inside and up to the oversize pilothouse.

Next we visited the engine room where there is a full time mechanic. He said it is full time work keeping things in order and clean.

This is just one of the two massive engines that propel the cutter. And from the outside she sure looks impressive! She towers over about everything in the harbor.

I found the whole experience interesting and educational. It’s settling to know the Coast Guard is patrolling our shores.

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