What good is a picture that is crooked and how do you straighten it?

What good is a picture that is crooked? Well, you don’t have to throw it away. In Photoshop you can salvage that picture with one easy step!

In full edit mode, find this Icon along the left side.

Click on it.

As you move your cursor over the picture, look closely at the little cross hairs. Place that on the horizon, or where ever you have a line to follow. Press and hold the left mouse button. Move the cross hair to your destination. Release the button.

Look closely at the little black, crooked line along the water line in this picture.

Magically the picture straightens out. This works with the horizon, buildings, what ever you want straightened out.

At the top tool bar

I always set it to "crop to remove background."

If you don't, as it straightens the horizon the edges of the picture will turn leaving blank canvas around the picture (indicated by the red triangular portions below) unless it is simultaneously cropped off. You can do it later but this saves that step.

Now it is straight and properly cropped.

If you hold the control key while you click and drag, Photoshop will straighten vertically instead. In other words, you can follow the corner of a building in order to straighten it up.

This is a good example. There are not horizontal lines to follow. So - - - - instead I straighten it vertically.

I just follow down the sides of the door opening while holding the "cntrl" key.

Remember perspective. The corner of a building will only be vertical if it is in the center of your picture. The farther to one side or the other it is, the more angle the corner will have in order to look right.

To me, this one tool is worth the investment of $99 for Photoshop Elements! There are undoubtedly other programs available that will do the same thing. I have and use Photoshop Elements so I do not know which others will do it.

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