What does shutter speed do in your camera?

Good question. It decides how long light can enter your camera when you are taking a picture. And that makes all the difference in the world as to how bright or dark your pictures are and whether or not they blur.

So, I have an idea. Let’s talk about different shutter speeds. We’ll talk about when to use a really fast one and why you might use a slower one some times.

The purpose of a photograph is to capture an instant in time for all time.

This Gull will never again land. It is captured in flight ‘til the end of time. So---- typically one wants to crisply capture the moment. However, there are exceptions to the crisply part.

In this picture the water is in motion. If I were to capture it crisply the viewer would not get the feeling of motion. Water should generally give the feeling of fluidity, should it not!?

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