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Medium shutter speeds will be used when hand holding your camera for still or slowly moving subjects in good lighting.

Medium speeds to me are 1/800th to 1/2000th of a second.

When you are shooting a given subject as opposed to an entire scene you will want to use a larger aperture. This brings about a little bit faster shutter speed by default.

A faster speed is what you are looking for when you start shooting moving subjects. The faster your subject, the faster shutter and film speed is necessary.

This little guy was shot at 1/1000th of a second. A fairly fast shutter speed. It sharply locked in all aspects of the bird. It shows no motion at all in the picture.

The jury is out on pictures like this. Some say completely stopping the motion takes the life out of the picture. I like the Snowy Egret because of the detail captured when there is no blur what-so-ever. Same as this little duck. See the water frozen?

I sharply stopped the water with a fast shutter. Then there are times, as in the water picture higher on this page, that blurred water shows motion and is a good thing. I think it is a personal preference as to when to use which.

One way I use this knowledge is when I am shooting a bird in flight. I do my best to crisply capture the body and head while slightly blurring the wingtips. It is pretty easy to do as the wingtips are moving pretty fast and it is hard to stop the motion completely.

Even when you do stop the motion often the wingtips will be blurred because of your depth of field. That will also give the feeling of motion.

Generally both pictures below are considered poor quality because I stopped motion altogether. Whenever you see an airplane in the air the propellers appear as a blurred circle. And the main rotor on the helicopter is stopped as well.

I guess I differ. A lot of times I like the complete stoppage of motion like the airplane.

This shot of the helicopter though, I would prefer rotor movement. This can be remedied in Photoshop. There is an effect that will blur the rotor. There! Ya happy? I am! Pretty cool, huh!?

There are times when it will be all or nothing. I would have preferred this little lady’s skirt and legs blurred a little.

The problem is if her legs were blurred I expected the rest of her would be too. Then I would have just ended up with a blurry shot, not one that causes a sense of motion.

Oh, wait! How forgetful of me! That can be remedied in Photoshop too! Sounds kinda like a Photoshop commercial don’t it!?

Well, that is what my whole site is based on. The best camera or best picture, which is right for you? That is the question. I choose best picture and I like Photoshop Elements the best of everything I have found, to take me to the best pictures!

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