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When you shoot enough pictures you will feel fortunate to get one or two phenomenal shots in a day!

Then those purists would not be so quick to 86 images that can be fixed with a little post editing. Also, how can one be creative without it? That, my friend, is impossible.

One thing I have learned is that nobody cares how you achieved the photographs you have. All they know is whether or not they like them.

Here are two more examples of pictures taken with an expensive camera yet both required post editing.

This is a local, historical carousel.

I wanted one shot of the entire carousel. I had to be close to it and use a 28mm lens. It is not even a wide angle lens, yet it somewhat distorts the outer edges of a picture. As luck would have it, the bars holding the horses also slant inward exaggerating the distortion.

Good thing for me I am an advocate of post editing my pictures. After a quick trip through Photoshop to straighten the distortion I am proud to display this photograph on my wall.

The carousel is all straightened up nice. It no longer looks as though it is in the middle of caving in during the big one out here on the left coast!

Then there’s the city in the clouds.

The contrast of this little hill in real life was phenomenal. I took the shot and was sorely disappointed when I saw it in my computer.

Another quick trip to Photoshop and voila! Once again the phenomenal contrast has returned. It appears to be all but floating in the sky. The great contrast is back. Oh, by the way, this too was shot using a $3,000 rig! So much for “Best Camera” huh!?

Nope, I always have been, am now, and always will be a fierce proponent of post editing my photographs. That is, at least until they threaten to pull all my fingernails unless I renounce it! Maybe I will just let ‘em pull my nails. I don’t know. I’ll have to decide when that time rolls around.

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