Why should I post edit my pictures?

And what IS post editing anyways? It simply means changing a picture after it was taken. You're no longer stuck with whatever comes out of your camera. You have control over the finish photograph.

Post editing a picture is when you upload your pictures into your computer and then you run them through a computer "darkroom" program. You will brighten up the colors, add and/or subtract things from each picture and in general.

It's when you change the picture to what you saw through the lens that caused you to shoot it in the first place. It's just like old times when a picture was too dark and all you could do is throw it away because you didn't have your very own darkroom. Well now you can have a digital darkroom; and many are available FREE, online!

A post edit picture is worth a thousand words! Compare these pictures. Now I ask you, why would you choose to NOT? Post editing turns a snapshot into a photograph.

I used an expensive consumer camera with an expensive lens to take this shot. I used all the right settings! The picture still turned out dark and flat! One simple click in the right program and voila, the snapshot has now been turned into a photograph worthy of display!

There is a good reason for all this. The electronics in a camera does not see the same way our eyes see. When a camera sees the color white or any light color it automatically underexposes the picture in an attempt to correct what it perceives as a problem.

When the camera sees a dark color it automatically brightens up the shot for the same reason. What this means to you and me is that when we are taking pictures we have to be constantly aware of the coloration in our frame. We then have to set the shutter speed and aperture manually or the picture will be over exposed or under exposed.

On top of all this, one has to set the exposure for the surrounding area, not the butterfly. Why? Because the butterfly is the problem to begin with. I would have to use an exposure card or something that is in the middle ground for light reflection.

Don't ask me to explain it all. The purpose of my entire site is to make things simple. My site is here so you know you can get photo quality pictures with minimal investment, minimal experience and minimal effort.

That being the case, we could just set the camera on automatic, let the camera take the picture as it will and run it through a post edit program! What will you choose? I choose Post edit! It's a whole lot easier than remembering a thousand things while I'm busy trying to get this split second shot!

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