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Here's another example of post edit salvation.

I took this picture with an inexpensive point & shoot camera. I had the camera set for a stationary subject. The picture also snapped later than I wanted.

However, I loved the resultant shot except for one thing. It was blurred. I was going to dump it. I decided to keep the shot and see what I could do. I am glad I did.

Along with the auto fixes, I used a paint option in photoshop. I like the result. It sharpened the body of the bird right up while leaving the wings blurred. That gives one the sense of motion. When it is printed it looks like a beautiful oil painting. All this from a blurred shot that I was going to dump!

I have tried a bunch of different editing programs and I settled on Photoshop Elements. It is not free. It cost around a hundred bucks. From there one could step up to something like Photoshop CS.

But CS doesn't offer the simple quick fixes that Elements offers. I noticed that I just don't need the features the very expensive programs offer. For doing general fix up and some decent creative work, Elements does great.

Most times you can try a program for free. So I think the best thing to do, is try a variety of programs and then decide which is best for you.

Also, be sure to check out Jamie's site. He is another website owner that I know and trust. The link is beneath the next pictures.

Jamie goes one step further in creating stunning images. This is a little different than merely post editing your shots. Here is an example of a picture I took and compiled with a program Jamie talks about. Take a close look at the before and after!

This is how my expensive camera captured this scene! In my opinion it's kind of flat and dull.

But the depth, color, detail and the life in this "after" photograph is amazing!

Go ahead, check out Jamie's site here. I'll be here when you get back. Just be sure to bookmark me before you go. I may get lost in the shuffle. Also, don't get confused. Jamie's site looks a lot like mine. But it is not, so whenever you're done over there, come on back. I'll be waiting.

One more reason to post edit your pictures is found here. And this is probably the best reason I can think of. How often do you take a great shot only to find that it is a tiny bit crooked and for that reason you don't like it?

Some people have told me that post editing a picture is cheating. If you feel that way read this before you make a final judgment.

The only way I know to be sure you always have your most precious photos is to be sure you never lose your camera. For some ideas on keeping it safe, click here.

Every camera comes with software. I don’t like any of them very much. Some allow you to do a little editing, but none can compare to Photoshop Elements and some can't even compare to the freebees available.

If you want to use a free editing program, Picasa, Photoscape and are popular.

After you are done editing some pictures I imagine you'd like to display them. What better way than to have a digital Scrapbook? Click on the blue letters and get ready to show off your beautiful photographs.

You can put them on an online site such as Flickr. Or you can load them into a digital frame. You can even choose to print them up, an entire album page at a time.

Digital scrapbooking is becoming pretty popular. Why not join in the fun?

Or go to my Learn Photoshop page to get started post editing.

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