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See this photo?

The first picture below is the finished work. The second is the before; it's before any post editing.

Which would you rather display? It took me about 3 minutes from start to finish. I cropped the picture slightly and hit a couple of automatic fixes.

See how much more beautifully the flower stands out in the top picture? It's sharp, crisp, clear and colorful. It just about jumps right off the page and into your lap. Kinda looks like a tiny, lop eared bunny to me.

That's not all. It's usually pretty simple to make some fairly major changes to a picture. This took me a while, but this was still done with simple steps.

First I had to outline the bus, including inside the windows and stuff like that.

I created some of the shadows because the sun was in a different place in the original than in the beach scene. These are all things to be taken into consideration when you're doing the work. You'll learn them with experience. Never the less, it was not complicated. It just took some time.

Like anything, learning to do post edit work comes one step at a time. And so many cool effects just take one click of a button to accomplish.

Check this out.

One click of a button and the picture goes from a typical shot to an old fashion looking photo. And this finish photo will enlarge up to about 4 ft X 6 ft without showing the dots!

How's that for worthwhile post editing?

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