There are many Photoshop Special Effects.

Would you like to figure them all out for yourself, or follow someone who has already been through the learning maze?

Photoshop Special Effects was a nightmare for me to figure out. But I did it by trial and error. I Googled stuff but all the sites I found seemed to just teach advanced methods.

Well here we are. I will take you through the basics of Photoshop Special Effects and how to use them. I will give you some ideas. From there you can expand out on your own creativity. How does that sound?

Turn, if you will to page 136. Just kidding!

Some Photoshop Special Effects, What They Look Like and How to Use Them;

A couple of Photoshop Special Effects I use regularly are Old Paper and Old Photo. I also combine Dry Brush and Canvas Texture. I will go through each one to give you a few ideas to help you stand out in your circle of Photographer friends.

My site is ultimately about easy steps that create professional and artistic results. Much of what I provide will be one click Effects in Photoshop. This will make it both quick and easy to create photo-art.

Initially it always takes a long time to get through a single step. After a couple of times doing the same thing you'll be a whiz. Who knows you may decide to start selling your art.

Let’s get started on some Photoshop Special Effects.

This is an old train station near me. Now it’s a museum. I took some pictures of it while I was there over Christmas. I turned this one into an old looking photograph using Photoshop’s “Old Photo” Effect.

I experimented with different file dimensions to see which I felt looked best at this tiny size. I ended up using dimensions normally suitable for an 8”X10” print. I feel those dimensions give the picture the appearance that it was taken in the late 19th century.

At 8”X10” or 16”X20” it is gorgeous. It really looks like the old photos you see in museums.

"Special Effects" is 4 pages.

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