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Another option is to "flatten" the image before you save it.

If you want to avoid the steps above, flattening the image will automatically save it as a JPG image. Beware, when you flatten the image you will be given the option of discarding hidden layers. That will discard some stuff you may actually want to keep.

Now, if you want to keep all the layers you simply save it as a PSD file. You're computer probably won't be able to open the PSD, but reloading into Photoshop will open it so you can see what it is.

I simply save a small JPG with the same name so I know what picture it is. I also have a special folder for all my PSD files. Each PSD with a small, like named JPG makes it very simple to keep track of all the work I do in layers.

I use abbreviated names, from whatever Effect/Effects I used in Photoshop, as the file name.

This way I know what I did to the picture.

One more lesson I learned the hard way. When saving a picture you can use all kinds of letters and numbers, but some of the punctuations will cause a file to save as such. I can’t even tell you which punctuations cause it. I don’t know!!

All it means is again, your computer won’t be able to open the file and show you the picture. It confuses the computer. So, whatever you use as your file naming system, if you see this icon, you can expect to repair the problem simply by renaming the file without using punctuation marks.

There are other ways punctuation marks mess up your file names. I won't go into it other than to say I have completely stopped using punctuation marks in my file names. I use no spaces either. I only use letters and numbers. Dashes and I think underlines work.

Another special effect I like is lighting. Click, Filter, Render, Lighting Effects. . .

This screen will show. Now experiment.

There are a lot of confusing adjustments here so take your time and enjoy the journey.

Above is the actual picture size you will be working with. Because of the small size of the picture it's hard to see the result of your settings until you hit "OK." That makes for a lot of "Control-Z" work.

These two pictures are the before and after. The settings shown above are what led to this result. It looks three dimensional. Notice the clouds and look at the extra detail in the hull.

And that's what I have to say about Photoshop Special Effects.

Have a great day. Go for it and have a blast! See Ya Next Time.

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