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Here is one of my favorites.

I combine “Dry Brush” with “Texture.” When done right this combination makes for a beautiful oil rendition. You’ll see a bunch of these around my site.

Resize a picture for an 8”X10” finish picture. Load it into Photoshop. Complete the Quick Fixes. Go back to “Full Edit.”

On the right you’ll see all the Effects. At the top right is “Dry Brush.”

Click on “Dry Brush.” Then “Apply.” This screen will pop up.

If you like the way it looks click “O.K.” If not, make some adjustments. Combine adjustments to find what you like. Then hit “O.K.” Remember you can always undo up to about 20 moves. Simultaneously hit “Control” and ”z” on your keyboard. This will reverse your moves one at a time.

Once you click O.K., click “Filter” at the top of the screen. Slide your cursor down the box, then right, click on “Texturizer...”

Once again, on the right are the adjustment slides. Canvas texture is the default. I use almost exclusively canvas, though there are others to be had. Save several different scales and reliefs.

Then you can compare different scales and reliefs at different file dimensions. This will familiarize you with how to get the look you want.

When it is time to save your work, click on “File” in the upper left corner of your screen. Then click “Save As.” The resultant screen will look something like this. With many of the effects the format will come up as PSD.

Look at the red arrow leading from “format” to the box. Inside the box you see “Photoshop (*.PSD; *.PDD)". That is a type of file. You don’t want to save your file as PSD or PDD. You want to save it as a .jpg file. Here’s how.

At the “2” click on the little blue arrow. In the drop down box, by the “3” click on the line that has all the jpeg designations in it. Forget all the rest. You will most likely never use them. Finally “4” click “Save.” This will save your picture in jpg format. It is the most widely used format.

For now you want to be sure to always save your work as a jpg file. If you click on save with the format showing as PSD. Your computer will not be able to open it. Only Photoshop will.

You will know you have saved as PSD because the thumbnail in your picture folder will look like this.

Delete that, go back to Photoshop and resave it as a jpg.

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