Photoshop Saving Photos.

This includes a description of options available when in Photoshop saving photos and how to use those options.

I have Photoshop Elements 5 and a PC with Windows 7 Home edition operating system. When using Photoshop saving photos there are several options available as you save a finished work of photographic art.

We will be going through your save options one by one. I may not hit all the options available but I will be sure to talk about the ones that can make a difference in certain circumstances such as when file size is a concern.

I will recommend that you ignore many of the available options. A few have a use for those of us who just want beautiful photographs, but many are designed for advanced use that we just don’t need.

It would probably be best to read this all the way through once or twice so you are somewhat familiar with the process. Then reread the page to decide what you expect will work best for you. Adjust as you become more familiar with Photoshop.

It seems that in order to save a picture all you have to do is click “file” then “save” huh!? Or “control-S.” Well it can be as simple as that but there are times you will want to use certain file names or any number of other options available.

Let’s start with a simple save. First be sure the folder containing your original pictures is open and up front. Create two folders inside that folder. Name one “Ready” and the other “Origs Done With.” You will use these folders for saving your pictures as you complete them. See "Learn Photoshop" for details on simple loading and editing.

Once you decide the picture is your perfect work of art and you don’t want to lose it, click “file” in the upper left hand corner of your screen. In the drop down box click on “save as.”

The next screen you will see if, like me, you don’t want to use Photoshop’s “organizer” and this is your first save of the session, will be the one below. Click on the “no” button, of the screen that pops up.

For simplicity I choose to not initialize the “organizer” in Photoshop Saving Photos. Instead I save and organize my pictures in my PCs “My Pictures” option. I know that system well plus I don’t have duplicate systems trying to work.

Then click O.K. on the next popup screen. This will prevent the organizer from initializing. I do this each time I save my first picture of the session because I use my PCs “My Pictures” option to organize my photos. If you once initialize the “organizer” it will automatically take over, load and organize all your pictures. This will be quite the headache if you prefer to organize in another way.

"Saving Photos" is 3 pages.

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