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There you have it, click O.K. and your picture is saved as a copy of the original and in the same folder. Now you can go to the bottom of your screen and click on the blue box with the name of the folder in which you are working. This will bring the folder to the front.

Maximize the window, scroll down to the bottom of the pictures and you will see the copy you just saved. Click and drag or cut and paste from its current location into the folder you created and named “Ready.” Drag the original into the folder you named “Origs Done With.” You are finished with this picture.

Go back to Photoshop and have some more fun. Close out the picture/s you just saved. Right click on the picture in the photo bin. Click “Close.” If a popup asks "save changes...before closing?" click “no.” You've already saved the changes. If you click on the “Yes” the Photoshop Organizer will initialize.

If that happens you will be forced to do one of several things.

First option, deal with it and all the extra time and hassle it takes when the organizer automatically starts some operation you don’t want it to do.

Second option, go online and find a site that shows you how to disable it. It can be disabled but it is an in depth process and if you’re not particularly computer savvy you may want to consider having your I.T. guy do it.

Third option, is to uninstall Photoshop and reinstall it. I don’t like any of the options so I make certain I always slow down just enough to be sure I never initialize the “organizer.”

Remember to “JUST SAY NO!”

Another way to close each picture is by clicking on the lower X in the upper, right hand corner of Photoshop. Either way, the Photoshop Organizer information remains the same!

And don't click on the upper X. You'll close out Photoshop!

Have lots of fun in Photoshop Saving Photos just for the rest of today. Tomorrow's a whole new day.

Also, I disable the “Adobe Photo Downloader” in the tool tray.

That prevents Adobe from automatically downloading the pictures from any device you connect to your computer, like your camera for instance.

You can end up with 2 or 3 programs all trying to load every picture you have. Photoshop Saving Photos included! Every program wants to be your primary and it seems that many picture programs have no way to disable them. Imagine that, you don’t have control over your very own computer and its programs!

To disable “Adobe Photo Downloader” right click on the little camera Icon in your tool tray. That’s at the bottom right corner of your screen. Then click on “disable.” When the box closes, the camera Icon will have a red circle and white X at the bottom.

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