So, Wanna know something about Photoshop Quick Fix!?

Double click on the little camera icon on your desktop. Then click on "Quickly Fix Photos." When it opens look at the right side of your screen. If you don't know how to load a picture go here. Once you have a picture loaded, return to this page and continue.

You see “General Fixes?” To the left is an inverted triangle.

That triangle allows you to open and close any individual quick fix area. Like this.

If you click on any given triangle it will close that area. Then your work area is less cluttered. I normally leave them all open. Do what you like best.

See the little yellow light bulb by each quick fix area?

That is the help button. I mostly ignore it in favor of personal exploration. I learn best by exploring. After several years I still click a variety of buttons for each picture because the buttons respond differently in each one.

The help areas are invaluable. But when one is not familiar with either the program or the terminology one will get nowhere fast. That’s the way I am anyway! Thus my preference is to learn by plunking first. Then if I must; I use the help.

If you click on the light bulb a new window will open containing a help screen. In the quick fix screen it just so happens that no matter which bulb you click the same window opens and you have a help page for all parts of the quick fix screen.

Now, any time you click on something anywhere in Photoshop and you cannot tell what it is doing (There will plenty of those times! :) simply click on the light bulb, or hover over the icon, and read about it, then try again. That is what I have found to be my best policy for use of the help window.

"Photoshop Quick Fix" is 3 pages.

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