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When the layers are complete, via copy, you will see something like this. Your subject will be the only thing in the created layer. The other layer will remain unchanged because you are copying your subject in a new layer.

With only your subject layer turned on the main screen will look something like below. I left the foreground in the selection area. I didn’t want the foreground customized.

With it layered, I turn off all the layers except the one I am working on. In this case I will leave the middle layer on as I am going to be customizing that layer with a couple of Photoshop effects.

This puts me back to working with the unchanged background copy. I will now leave the Photoshop Lasso Tool in favor of other effects. I start by going back to the top of the Photoshop window. Click, Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur.

This is the resultant screen.

Set the adjustment slide to what you like and click O.K. I chose this much blur.

The next step may or may not be necessary for you. I had to do more than just blur it because the vehicles still showed when I reinserted the truck. I twirled the picture. It is so cool that one can be so creative in customizing pictures in order to get the result one desires.

So, back to the top and click Filter, Distort, Twirl.

You can twirl a little or you can twirl a lot. Try ‘em and see what happens. Don't like the result? "Control-z" and do it again.

This is my result.

Now I go back to the “Layers” Bin in the lower right hand corner. I turn the subject layer back on by clicking the eyeball.

This is the result when they are stacked on one another.

No Truck!


I love it!

Take note that I cut out the rear window of the truck cab. Now even the background through that window is blurred. Otherwise it would still be in focus and in the finish picture it would look out of place. Be thorough when you do this work and your photos will look very professional.

Go back up to the top of the Photoshop screen and click “Layer.” Near the bottom of the drop down window you will see the option of “merge visible.” Merge them and save your work.

There you have it. The Photoshop Lasso Tool and an example for using it. These Photoshop Tools are sooo cool!

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