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Start with the third from the left. Click on the lasso with the magnet. This is called the TA-DA “Magnetic Lasso.” Once you have chosen it, choose a starting point on the picture. You are going to encircle your subject.

Click on that starting point. Now move your curser (the little lasso) around your subject. As you do notice it drawing a line around your subject. Don’t be too fussy about how closely the line outlines your subject. We will correct it momentarily. Right now it just has to generally encircle your subject.

As you get back to your starting point you have two options.

1) You can get real close with the lasso until you see a tiny, little square box come on, then click. That will complete your lasso.

Or, the easy way!

2) You can get fairly close and just double click your mouse. This will automatically close up the lasso.

Once it is closed your lasso will look like a million black and white ants marching around your subject, as above. Only they are on the march around the lasso.

Now zoom in. You can see the places that did not quite follow the outline of your subject. We start to correct it anywhere you choose. We will go all the way around your subject until you are satisfied.

This step with the Photoshop Lasso Tool can take quite some time. It is well worth the time investment. Sit back, take a swig of Cherry Coke and get ready to learn some patience. It’s gotta be Cherry Coke, understand, cuz that’s the rule! Least wise in my house it is. I guess you can down the liquid refreshment of your choice. I won’t penalize you - - - much!

Zoom in how ever far you must in order to clearly see the outline of your subject. First thing I’m going to do is fix the line along the hood and the windshield post. No, it’s a hood because this is an American car. If I were doing my ’68 XKE it would be the bonnet and windscreen.

The truck is what I want outlined, so above the hood is extra that I will subtract. Go up to the top Photoshop toolbar. Choose the “Subtract from selection” icon. The words "Subtract from selection" will show up as you hover over the correct icon. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

It would take a page in itself to verbally guide you to the “Subtract from selection” icon. But just look below.

Now start above and outside your selection area. Place the cursor there, click, and continue. Carefully move the cursor to where the line should be. Click again. This will anchor the line.

Keep moving like this as you trace your subject with the line. Click at each end of a perfectly straight line. Click very often as you round a curve. Each click will anchor the line there. You will get the hang of how often you need to click.

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