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Now I want the diesel out of the shot.

I do the same thing as with the sign only it takes a bit longer. I return to the Photoshop Clone Tool. There is not much area around the diesel to work with and there is perspective in the picture. Trying to get the track to gradually diminish in size and disappear into the background is a bit of a challenge.

Here is the final product.

However, I am after a different look. So once I have the diesel out of the way, my first step toward that look is; I lighten up the entire picture. This also takes a bit of patience. I have to lighten it in Quick Fix and adjust the contrast accordingly in order to get what I'm after.

I am going to use a single click in the “Artwork and Effects” area. Go to the upper left and switch to the “Quick Fix” tab, from “Full Edit”. Now look to the right. There are three categories. “How To.” “Artwork and Effects.” And “Layers.”

Click the little arrow at “Artwork and Effects” if the window is compressed.

It should look like this.

The third icon from the left looks like a little sun, a little moon, I don’t know, but it is for applying certain affects and filters. Click on it and make sure the Special Effects window says “All.” Move the slide bar, on the right, all the way to the bottom. This will bring up the “Old Photo” effect.

Click on it, then click “apply.” Be patient for a few seconds. This will be the result.

It is a beautiful old photograph from the 1800s or early 1900s. If it is too dark, too light, washed out or anything you don’t like, “Control, z” to your little heart’s content and Quick Fix again. At this point it’s just a couple of easy clicks to substantially change the look.

There are other looks you can go for in this area as well. Here is a simple black and white. I added a white border and some dust and scratches for that beat up 1950s/1960s look. It took a total of about 1 minute to make these two changes.

Or you can add noise or texture as in the next two. Effects in Photoshop give different results depending on the size of jpg file you are working with. I change the file size and experiment for different results. If you have no idea what I am talking about go here to learn about it.

There you have it. Some Photoshop Cloning and a little bit of rearranging and you have an antique looking photograph that you actually took yesterday. Only nobody else ever has to know your secret.

How about now? Do you agree that Post Edit is indispensable? To me it is.

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