Learn Photoshop to create beautiful photographs from your snap shots.

It's time to learn Photoshop.

Not to fret folks, the first time I opened up Photoshop I didn't even know how to load a photo into it. I had no idea that I could open up both Photoshop and the folder with my pictures in it and simply "Drag and Drop."

This is assuming you have Photoshop Elements correctly installed on your computer. If you have trouble installing it, see “Installing Photoshop.” You can merely Google the term and find lots help.

Now, double click on the icon on your desktop. It should look something like one of these.

I am currently working with Elements 5 on a Windows PC 7 Home Premium edition. I learned Photoshop by using Elements 5. Your screen may vary depending upon what PC system and version of Elements you are using.

This is what the window looks like that pops up. It is the "Welcome" Screen.

On the welcome screen that pops up, you have several selections available. This is a closer look at those options.

1st is "Product Overview." Feel free to read it. It gives you some ideas about what Photoshop can do.

2nd "View and Organize Photos." My site is for the purpose of making things simple yet useful. I avoid this option because it's not so simple. Plus, if you use it, Adobe controls your entire photo collection. It will automatically download and sort pictures. I don't want automated control of my photos. It's up to you.

Also; in order to use it effectively one has to set up many aspects of the organizer. That is a pretty labor intensive job.

Instead I learned to use my PCs' “My Pictures” option. I am used to it and I don’t have to learn another intricate method. Click to learn how and why I disable the Adobe Photo Downloader icon in the tool tray.

3rd "Quickly Fix Photos" is for doing some quick lighting fixes and the like.

4th "Edit and Enhance Photos." is for more in depth work such as changing things around, adding/subtracting stuff to/from the picture. For example; removing that tree branch from behind Aunt Edna's head. Click here for an example. More to come.

If you click on either the “Quickly Fix Photos” or the “Edit and Enhance photos” you will be taken to the same screen.

5th "Make Photo Creations." This option has some pretty cool, creative things you can do as you learn Photoshop. More on that another time.

Click on "Quickly Fix Photos". Near the top left corner you’ll see two tabs. When ever you open Photoshop you can open either

“Quickly Fix Photos” [Quick Fix]
“Edit and Enhance photos” [Full Edit]

Then just use these tabs to switch between them as necessary. As you'll be using both, I'll explain each in the applicable places on my site.

"Learn Photoshop" is 3 pages.

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