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Find and open the folder containing the picture/s you want to “fix.” In front of the first thumbnail create 2 more folders. Name one “Ready.” Name the other “Done With.” You will use these as you finish your work on a given picture.

Now restore down the window. and resize it to look like this.

To resize it hover your curser over the bottom edge of the window. The cursor will change from the angled arrow to a vertical double arrow. Click and drag the bottom of the restored down window upward [like in the next picture] until only the top row of pictures and the two folders show.

Next put your cursor on the side of the window and resize it until two folders and four pictures show.

It will look like this.

This is the way I like to work. Use whatever method works best for you. I like this because I can easily work with more than one picture at a time without being overwhelmed by having a whole bunch of pictures on the screen.

Now your screen contains two open windows. Photoshop fills the screen. On top of Photoshop is a restored down window. Your screen should resemble the first of these three pictures.

To place a picture in the photo bin, simply highlight, click and drag as in the center picture above. I drag 4 pictures at a time. Drag those four anywhere onto the Photoshop page and release. This will simultaneously move all the highlighted pictures into the photo bin at the bottom of the Photoshop work page.

The result will be as in the bottom picture you see above. Simultaneously the window containing your originals will disappear. Don't worry, it is just moving behind the Photoshop window. It is still in existence; it is just hidden for now. That's the way you want it.

If you see no photo bin, your pictures will still be loaded. The remedy will become automatic after you learn Photoshop. The bin is just minimized. Click on the center at the bottom of the page and it should open up the bin. If not you will have to click and drag it upward in order to open it to your desired height.

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