Let's build a digital scrapbook.

Let’s build a digital scrapbook.

Open and load Photoshop with a few pictures. If you don’t know how to do that click here. Once you have the basics come on back and continue.

This is one I choose.

I have a bunch of pictures plus a background loaded and ready. I'll talk about the background in a minute.

The photo bin is the area at the bottom of your Photoshop screen that contains all the thumbnails. If you don't see the thumbnails of the pictures you just dragged into Photoshop, it just means the photo bin is minimized. Click on this little triangle near the center, bottom of your computer screen. It is the open/close switch.

The photo bin will now open up and you'll see all the pictures you loaded.

Now Photoshop looks like this.

I use Photoshop Elements because it is a complete editing program and only costs about a hundred bucks. If that’s too much, there are free editing programs available. Just Google “free photo edit” or something like that; although few, if any, will come close to the versatility of Photoshop Elements.

If you choose a software editing program other than Photoshop Elements you’ll have to adjust your steps accordingly. In fact I use Elements 5. Even other Elements versions will vary somewhat.

I’ll start with a few pictures I want in my digital scrapbook. We take those pictures and individually complete all the editing on each. At least do the auto settings so you get good life from each of your photos.

Once the editing is done we can place each picture on our digital scrapbook page and in position, sized as desired. Unlike a physical one, in a digital scrapbook we can make each picture any size we want.

We can have some small, some tiny and some huge. We can overlap them just like in the physical world. We can even set a complete picture inside another.

Below, Bunny is day dreaming of getting a free hug from his girlfriend, in his old dream machine at the drive-in. I softened the edges of the inserted pictures for that dreamlike effect.

We can make a picture partially transparent for effect. The creativity is just about endless.

"Digital Scrapbook" is 5 pages.

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