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The top tape looks like the photo has thickness.

Holding the shift key for a perfectly straight line only works if the line you draw is exactly horizontal or vertical. In order to draw a perfectly straight line at any other angle;

click at your starting point. You will see a dot. Move the cursor to the finish point, press and hold the "Shift" key on your keyboard. Now click the mouse button. It will draw the straight line as you click.

I just slipped another picture under the masking tape holding the first one to the page. Cool, huh!?

You can create anything you like to tape the corners down. You can use another of your pictures so it looks like a little sticker. You can take a picture of an actual paper album corner piece. Once again you're only limited by your imagination.

I just scratch-built this Photo corner as an example.

You probably don't want to try this quite yet. It takes a good working knowledge of Photoshop to do it. If you want this one, contact me here. I'll be glad to email the PSD to you.

Once you build one, save it as a PSD. Now, any time you need it, merely open the PSD, then click and drag it onto the digital scrapbook page.

Once it is there you can make as many copies of the layer as you like. That would typically be 4 for each picture you'll use it on. If you want them to look well used you can have some of the pictures missing one or two corner pieces. Also; so they don't look cookie cutter, you can put extra scratches on them as you install them.

Now add some captions.

Click on the letter T in the left hand toolbar. You can change the font, the size, the color; any of a number of appearances.

Don’t worry as you’re typing about the size of the lettering. You’ll change that after you click the green check mark. When you are done typing, click the green check mark.

The lettering changes size and position the same as the pictures did. Select the "Move" tool on the left. Change the size and placement as you like.

If you don’t like something about the way it’s typed click on the letter T on the left side toolbar. Then click anywhere on the lettering and change it just like you would change lettering in a word document. You can come back and change it time and time again.

Keep experimenting with different things. That is how you’ll become most creative in your digital scrapbook.

Remember to take one step at a time. If you look at an entire finished page of a digital scrapbook, you may think it’s way too complicated. But if you click and drag one picture at a time, your digital scrapbook will all come together quite nicely.

You have limitless creative possibilities. The lettering can be in any font, size and color that’s available on your computer. You can further develop each photo as you add it to the digital scrapbook page. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Now keep going on each photo you have chosen for a given page in your digital scrapbook. Once you finish a page, go on to another. Choose the same background or a different one and start again. You’ll be so proud of your digital scrapbook.

Here’s a finished page of some pictures from around California.

In a digital scrapbook, just like in the physical world, you’re not even limited to your own photos. Please always remember copyrights and to give proper credit to those who produced them. Thank you.

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