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Next look at the corners of the farm picture. They have masking tape on them. This is not an effect, it is an added picture, just like you added all the other pictures to the background.

Take a picture of some aged masking tape. Load it into your computer, then into Photoshop. Select the "Lasso" tool in the left tool bar. It looks like a tiny, little lasso rope. Now, at the top, select the "Magnetic lasso."

Next you will draw around the tape with the "Lasso" tool. Do that by hovering over the edge of the tape. Click and let up. You have initiated the lasso. Follow around the tape. At the end, click again. This closes the lasso. Now right click on the tape and click "Layer via cut."

Over to the right, in the "Layers" bin, click the little eye next to the background copy of the picture. The eye will go away.

Below is what you will see in the work area. It will be the tape only; surrounded by a bunch of little gray and white boxes. The boxes indicate that nothing exists there.

Now, in the photo bin, click back to your main scrapbook page; click and drag the tape onto that page. Resize and place it just like any other picture.

In this next picture, notice the dark line on the masking tape, where it goes off the edges of the photo. It looks like the picture has thickness.

To accomplish this; click on the brush tool about 2/3 of the way down the left hand toolbar.

On the top toolbar; Set Brush size about 2 to 3 Pixels and the opacity to 10%. Off you go.

To make the line place your pointer at the start position. Click and hold the mouse button. Then hold the shift key while you drag the cursor in the direction you want to go. It will make a perfectly straight line. It’s so subtle, yet look at the difference between the top and the bottom piece of tape.

Is this exciting or what!?

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