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Change the size, placement and orientation of a picture. Experiment with this. If you do something you don’t like, just simultaneously click the "Control" key and the letter "Z" on your keyboard. Photoshop will reverse the step you just took.

Notice the difference in size from the time I placed the bunny on the background to when it is in place where I want it. Depending upon the size, your pictures may even be bigger than the background of your digital scrapbook when you first drag them on to it. That’s fine, you’ll resize and place the picture right away.

O.K. having selected the move tool;

OK, now size, place and twist the first photo where you want it. Click and drag the next one onto the background.

Do the same with it, and the rest of the pictures that you want on this page of your digital scrapbook. When you have several photos on the page you can overlap some if you like. Automatically one will rest on top of another.

If you overlap two pictures and the wrong one is on top, all you have to do is click and drag it above the other in the “Layers” bin to the far right. That will instantly bring the one from back to front.

If the inverted triangle next to the word "Layers" is pointing right, click on it to open the Layers bin and reveal all your layers.

If the little triangle is already facing downward and you have no layers;


Hang it up and go fishing as you have no aptitude for this stuff. O.K.; if you insist, just keep trying. But if you have a background as your foundation for this, as you click and drag each of the pictures onto that background the layers will show automatically.

Here are the first two pictures loaded and ready. Can you see the shadow along the left and bottom edge of the photo? It's just called "High." You'll find it on the right, under "effects." There's a lot of 'em, so be patient and play with a bunch.

Applying an effect such as "High."

1) First be sure the layer you want to add the "high" look to is highlighted in blue in the layers bin; at the #1 arrow in the picture below.

2) Select "Add Effects..." (top arrow at #2) and (bottom arrow at #2) in "special effects" "all" is selected.

3) Click on "High." It's about half way down the effects column.

4) click "Apply"

Now highlight another picture you want to raise off the page and repeat the above steps. Do it for each picture you want raised.

This is the finish look of “High.” You can see the shadow along the left and bottom of the picture.

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