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As for a background;

For our digital scrapbook we’ll need a background that acts like a page in a physical photo album. You can go out on line and find backgrounds to use. Try Googling some related key words like “free photo background textures.” There are lots of free backgrounds. Of course, the best ones will cost ya.

I shoot most of my own. That way I can get exactly what I want.

Today I’ll be using this book page for a background.

The one that I’m using today came from Lost and Taken. Before you go check it out, make sure to bookmark me so you don't forget who I am.

Scroll down the "Lost and Taken" page until you see this background. Click on it and another page will come up. On that page you'll have options of saving different sizes. I always save the largest size. That way I can use it at any size I choose by resizing it.

Lost and taken, as well as The Bittbox are both great places to find free background textures to use for all kinds of stuff.

Always, always, always remember copyright. Please be sure of usage rights no matter what you are buying or downloading. The backgrounds on these two sites happen to come with few restrictions. On the other end of the spectrum, like music, all you can legally do is listen to it, and then, only if you actually paid for it. Thank you.

If you shoot your own backgrounds, first decide what you want to use for a background. Then shoot and load it onto your computer. Finally, run it through what ever post editing program you choose in order to come up with the perfect background for your digital scrapbook.

Some suggestions for backgrounds are bricks, concrete, wood walls and things like that. Anything that is fairly consistent, but has texture, works well. A white picket fence with the right background behind it works nicely. The fence will be your primary background and its background will be fill-in.

Remember to hold your camera parallel to the textured surface. Don’t shoot up at a vertical wall. If you hold it at any angle part of the background will be in focus and part out of focus. Plus you will see the diminishing size of any parallel lines.

If that’s the effect you desire, it works well. But normally you want your entire background to be square and completely in focus.

In your digital scrapbook you can use the same background for every page, different backgrounds for different themes or even a different background for each page of your photo album. That is, if you are artistically inclined to go through the effort of creating one background for each page.

With all your pictures in the photo bin, run your pointer down to the bin and click on the background you chose.

Now click and drag a picture for this page of your digital scrapbook from the photo bin, to the background. When you drag and drop it the picture will land in the middle and look like the picture above.

In the upper left corner on the tool bar is an icon at the red arrow.

It's your "move" tool.

Click on it and you’ll see a dotted line all around the picture you just dragged onto the background. At each corner and in the middle of each side you’ll see little squares.

Hover your mouse pointer over one of the squares and you’ll see a little arrow pop up, as in the picture below.

That arrow changes according to where you hover. You can change the size, shape and placement of the photo using these arrows.

Move the pointer around until you see one of the arrows. Now click and hold. As you hold the mouse button, move the mouse around.

Release the left button and move your mouse over the picture. You'll see a little black arrow [above center]. With that arrow showing; click and hold, then move your mouse. The entire picture will follow your movements. No other changes will be made. This is how you place the picture in position on the page.

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