Digital Camera Programs.

Digital camera programs are built in. There are three.

1) P= Full Program mode.

2) S= Shutter Priority and

3) A= Aperture Priority.

There is also a setting whereby you can use your camera in full manual mode. I will explain each of the different modes, what they do and when to use them.

Full Program Mode;

When you set your camera to full program mode, it makes all the decisions for you. All you have to do is point and shoot. Kinda like a point & shoot camera, only costly.

Don’t miss understand. This doesn’t mean that it is not worth investing in a higher end camera. To help decide which camera category is right for you, go here.

If you set your camera to full program mode you will get very satisfactory pictures many times. At other times you will want control over the shutter speed or the aperture. Or both!

An example is when you are shooting in the direction of the sun. You’ll notice your subject is always too dark to recognize. “Honest auntie Liz, that’s Johnny! I swear! You just can’t tell it’s him.” Ever had that? Naw, of course not. Me neither.

The way to avoid that is to know how to have control over your shutter speed. Then you can have Johnny look his best regardless of the background. Read about that here.

Plus, when you decide it is time to start getting creative with your camera you will definitely want to be familiar with many more functions than just what it takes to get a quick snapshot of a couple of trick or treaters at your front door!

Maybe start out using full program mode with your new camera but don’t stay there too long. Branch out into shutter priority and aperture priority as soon as you are comfortable with a few of the buttons on your camera.

Like the on/off switch and the shutter release button. In other words use it for a day or two and then start branching out into the other digital programs modes.

Shutter Speed Priority; Because there will be plenty of times you want control over the shutter speed there is a digital camera programs setting known as shutter speed priority.

A picture speaks a thousand words. A slower shutter speed or some post edit work would cause this little beauty to look active in the picture rather than looking stone cold frozen.

Notice in the picture below, how her little legs and skirt actually have the appearance of motion. That is not so in the picture above.

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