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When in this program you set the shutter speed and the camera automatically sets the aperture for the correct exposure at that shutter speed. Little for you to worry about. All you have to know is when and why to use a specific shutter speed. Learn about that here.

Aperture priority; There is a little something inside your camera called an aperture diaphragm.

Adjusting the aperture changes something called depth of field. Don’t know what that means? It is a very good thing to learn and know.

Watch! I think this moment is much warmer with the background blurred out like in the second picture. That requires a different aperture setting.

When you are ready to learn how to use the aperture and advance your professional photographic skills go here.

You will learn how to get photographs you will be proud to display. Or- you could just do it in Photoshop like I did. Remember, no body cares how you achieved the photo. They only know whether they like it!

The above photo was a split second shot in one of the digital camera programs modes. I used aperture priority. There was no time to change the settings. Good thing too! That provided me with the opportunity to show you the difference.

Easy manual mode for beginners... is explained here. Manual mode is avoided like the plague by many people. I feel that is a mistake because so many great shots are unattainable using any of the digital camera programs modes.

The camera just doesn’t know you want the in flight bird to look really good. After all, it's just a little form in the middle of your viewfinder.

You can avoid so many wasted shots like this by learning and using manual mode. I offer an easy to understand and implement method of using manual mode.

Once you are familiar with your digital camera programs modes be sure you learn and try manual mode before you decide for sure whether you will use it permanently.

I carry my camera in aperture priority, but as soon as I settle on a subject I change to manual mode.

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