Define Post Edit.

Maybe you ask "What IS post editing anyways?"

Post editing will transform your pictures from being a snapshot like this;

to being a photograph like this!

It simply means changing a picture after it was taken. You're no longer stuck with whatever comes out of your camera like we were in the olden days of film photography. You have control over the finish photograph.

Post editing a picture is when you upload your pictures into your computer and then you run them through a computer "darkroom" program. You will brighten up the colors. You can lighten a dark picture or darken one that's over exposed.

You have complete artistic control over your photos. You can simply liven them up a bit or you can transform each into a work of art; or a shabby ole hunk o' junk.

Remember what you saw through the lens that caused you to shoot a picture in the first place? In the old days when a picture was not what you thought it would be, all you could do is throw it away because you didn't have your very own darkroom. Well now you can have a digital darkroom; and many are available FREE, online!

Here are a few more fun, post edited pictures.

Notice the darkroom effects.

There you have it; post editing defined and a few examples. Now go get 'em tiger; or tigress as the case may be.

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