Today we’ll create a crescent moon using Photoshop Elements.

We will create a crescent moon from a picture of a full moon. Load the full moon into Photoshop. If you don’t have a picture of a moon to use for this project, contact me; I will send you one to use.

If you don’t know how to load the picture into Photoshop you are on the wrong page; begin here.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with saving a picture in Photoshop or PSDs & Layers, click on either of those in blue lettering and read that first. Then return and continue.

I’ll be referring to these Photoshop areas. Refer back any time.

The Editor Window is the name of the main working window in Photoshop. That is where you will do the work on your picture.

The Photo Bin contains a thumbnail of each picture you loaded into Photoshop. The Layers Bin displays all the layers for whichever photo is in the Main Editor Window.

When you click on a photo in the Photo Bin, it becomes encased in a blue box, displays in the Main Editor Window and all of its layers will display in the Layers Bin. All three are interrelated.

The entire right column, containing both the “Arts and Effects Bin” and the “Layers Bin” is called the Palette Bin.

Refer back to this picture if you are not sure of something when I am directing you to these areas. You can download the picture using right click, save image. That way you can just open it on your computer rather than having to return here.

Load a picture of a full moon. It will land in the Photo Bin and show in the Main Editor Window.

Unlike this one; make sure that the moon picture has plenty of background around it. If not, click “Image” “Resize” “Canvas Size...”

When you click on “Canvas Size...” this screen will pop up.

To create a crescent moon the background color doesn’t matter. You can change it to match the existing background color of your moon or leave it white like I do. We’ll be cutting it away anyways. We’ll just be using it in order to cut out the moon.

I increased the size of the canvas on my picture from 24” to 60”. I have a huge picture file size from which I work. Yours will vary.

You have to change both width and height or Photoshop will only change the one you specify. Click “OK” and this will be your result; minus the red outline.

I put that on there so you can distinguish it from the background of my site page. The white area is what we just added as background.

Use the Elliptical Marque Tool to create a crescent moon from a full moon.

It has different adjustments.

I use
1 the fixed aspect ratio
2 the elliptical tool.
NOTE; 1 and 2 combined will cut out a perfect circle.
3 “New Selection”

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