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I don't normally talk about specific cameras by name; but these and many more great shots were taken with an A470. It is one of the most popular cheap digital cameras. It's a Canon for only around $100 bucks.

One writer considered it to be a good camera for kids. KIDS!?

Check out this next picture. It was taken with a very expensive camera!

See how dark, underexposed and flat it looks? So much for spending a fortune on your camera, huh!?

The key is all the pictures at the top were the "after" pictures. This little one is the "before" picture. Before post editing, that is.

No camera, cheap or expensive, will consistently give you museum quality photos straight out of the gate! Post editing is a requirement. This is something you won't hear as you are looking for your "perfect" camera. Below is the after photo of the Sea Gull.

With that in mind take another look at the before and after photos of the gull.

Then click back to the other page and notice how those photos look after some simple post editing. Post editing is pretty simple to do, but it is mandatory if you want beautiful finish photos.

It is not my intent to lead you into what I think you should have. My intention is to help you decide what will make you happiest in your choice. To do that I will be bringing up some things you may have not, as yet, considered.

In order to find the best camera for you, click on the blue lettering to start your search.

You will see some of the differences between high end and entry level cameras. You'll also learn some of the different results you can expect from them. Then you can decide what cheap digital cameras will be your best choices.

What you can expect, from me, is to learn how to invest the least amount of money to get the most out of your camera of choice!

You will undoubtedly want to get some camera accessories with your camera even though you are looking for a cheap digital camera. Be sure to read this page to help make those decisions.

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