What camera accessories should I get?

All mandatory and optional camera accessories listed here are as I see it. Your desires will vary so get what you know is right for you.

Also, Point & Shoots and advanced Point & Shoots will differ from DSLRs when it comes to things you need. Choose, from this list, things that are applicable to your situation. Then if you want or need more stuff, by all means, go for it!

Mandatory camera accessories. Of course the only thing that’s really mandatory is a camera with memory and a way to power it. But, after that there are a few things necessary in order to vastly improve your results, make your shooting experience more pleasurable and protect your equipment.

*A cable should come with your camera that is used to transfer your pictures from your camera into your computer or external hard drive. It is important to duplicate your pictures so they won’t get lost.

I can think of nothing more disheartening than to take a bunch of pictures only to lose them when something happens to your camera or the memory card. Backing them up as soon as possible will avoid that situation.

Also, after a while you will end up with so many pictures on your memory card that it makes it hard to go through them. Do you want to show off your pictures just by searching the back of your camera or do you want to print up really beautiful photographs to display?

If you perpetually leave your pictures in your camera the day will come when you lose them. It is not a matter of whether, it is only a matter of how and when they will be lost. Some of you already know what I am talking about! Yeah, I see that head nodding!

*Camera accessories that I strongly recommend.

*A camera case is one of the best investments you can make. It will help protect your camera accessories, lenses and other parts, from damage when they get bumped or dropped. When ever my camera is out of its case I make certain the strap is around my neck or my wrist. That way I can never drop my camera.

There was only one time I almost dropped it. I didn’t and even if I had, I was wearing my wrist strap so that would have prevented it from falling to the ground. But - - - I never know when it will finally happen so I am always very careful.

Again, some of you know exactly what I mean! Maybe it cost you your camera, maybe just some repair. Either way, it’s not fun!

Another good reason for a case is you can put other camera accessories in there for convenience. For instance, it’s a good place to carry extra memory and battery if you will be taking lots of pictures. Your cleaning supplies can be kept in there as well.

A case will protect all your camera accessories from damage, from weather, and even from being lost.

*A second memory card and/or a back up hard drive are a good thing. Many cameras claim to have built in memory. Only thing is, the built in memory is so very minimal. The camera will only hold a few pictures.

One memory card is almost always mandatory. The second card is a very good idea.

Now - - - you can simply set your camera to a smaller file size in order to get more pictures on a smaller memory stick. That will save you a few bucks up front. But if you do that you can not expect to get very good results should you want to enlarge your prints to say, 8X10.

There is always a trade off. In this case you can use the one, smaller memory card and save money up front, then deal with low quality prints. Or you can buy one or two larger cards. That way you have enough space for all those beautiful photos you’ll be showing off by framing them and hanging them in your own personal gallery!

I’ve mentioned this many times on my site. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to have a portable, external hard drive to periodically transfer your pictures onto. Pull that card and install the empty one. Backup the full card into the external hard drive.

Now you have two copies of each picture. Odds are you won’t lose the files on both the memory card and the external drive.

If the pictures are easily replaceable this is not necessary. But what if you are on a once in a lifetime vacation or your baby just turned one year old? In situations like those, what happens if the memory card is accidentally erased, dropped in the commode or just plain lost? Oops!?

*A second battery is a good thing to have. Also, a charger, if you will have a place to plug it in. If you have two batteries and a charger, you can plug in the dead one and continue to shoot uninterrupted. Your camera should come with a charger. A-ha! One of the camera accessories you don't have to buy!

There are at least two reasons that manufacturers include a minimum of camera accessories with a camera body. The first is selfish the second serves your best interest.

First, that makes it so you have to spend more than you planned when you set out to get your camera! It is much easier to inch you up in cost than it is to advertise the actual amount you can expect to invest.

My site, and this camera accessories page are here for the purpose of helping you weed through the sweet promises to the reality. Right now I speak of keeping the maximum amount of YOUR money possible while still getting the results you seek.

The second reason for not including a bunch of stuff, to me, far outweighs the first. When you get a camera everybody has different reasons for what they get and everybody has different needs. This leaves a lot of flexibility for you to put together exactly the camera accessories that will work best for you.

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