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*A printer can save you money on printing your pictures, but make no mistake, they do have a cost. Unless you print many pictures regularly, or you do custom work that you don’t want anyone else to do, I have found it much more sensible to have the local drug store print mine. For a few, very important photos, I go to a custom lab.

So do your homework before you decide weather to get a printer. I don’t have one. The store where I bought some of my camera accessories gave me a free printer. I found I didn’t use it enough to make it worth keeping up so I let it go.

* Lenses. I own and recommend several different lenses. For the most part you want your zoom lenses to range from about 28mm to about 200mm or 300mm. If you can get all the way to both extremes with one lens, at a reasonable cost, by all means do so.

Otherwise you will have to get at least two lenses. If you find one lens to cover the whole range, be careful that it is a lens with a good reputation.

Many people brag about how cheaply they got their lenses. In my experience aftermarket lenses have a hard time competing with the quality of Nikkor or Cannon lenses.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good aftermarket lenses. Just be very careful when buying one. Study hard and long before choosing one. Here is one important place to NOT skimp!

Another lens of interest is a *wide angle lens. This will help when you are shooting inside your home. You will be better able to capture the life of the party.

Or a wide angle comes in handy when you are trying to get an entire building into the shot. Taking the picture from the street doesn't allow you to back up far enough when using a typical 28mm lens.

One drawback of wide angle lenses is that the outside of your pictures will be somewhat distorted. There are ways to help straighten it out.

Look below

In order to compare the before and after, look to the left side. The pillar is not leaning in the way it is in the first picture. Also, the first door on the right is vertical. The pillar could be straightened out more yet, but then it looks unnatural.

Now compare that result with the next picture which is how the same scene looks when taken with a 28mm lens.

Notice the door, on the end wall, in the first two pictures looks like it is a couple of hundred feet away. The same door in the third picture only looks about half that far.

Ever wonder why you can't get pictures that have never ending depth? It has a name. It's called wide angle lens.

The last lens I’ll mention is the *Macro lens. Another name for this lens is close up lens. I love doing close ups. Maybe you will too.

This picture was taken with a macro. The closest crop is just about full size. The detail when it is printed at high quality is phenomenal!

As always, get lenses with good glass. Get a lens that has a really good reputation. A lousy lens will destroy all your pictures and you’ll think it’s the camera.

Be sure to have and keep a case for each lens when it is not attached to the camera. This is another one of your camera accessories you'll be glad you got or you'll wish you had!

There is something known as an *LCD hood. The LCD hood is there for viewing in bright sunlight. It helps keep the glare off your screen. When you are reviewing your pictures you can actually see them.

*Insurance! I wonder how many people overlook getting insurance for their investment? If you only invest a couple of hundred dollars, maybe you will choose to not have insurance.

But what if you have a DSLR with a couple of lenses, a case, a tripod and on and on? When it is all brand new it seems Murphy’s law takes effect!

Something is bound to happen that makes you wish you had insurance - - - unless - - - you have it. Have you ever noticed that your insurance is almost a guarantee that nothing will happen to your brand new camera and camera accessories!?

One thing you can do is call your agent and see whether your home owner’s or renter’s insurance covers it. If not, maybe it can be added.

When you buy the equipment, you are almost always offered insurance through the store. They will offer extended warranty coverage as well as some accidental damage/loss policies.

Please, make certain you know all about any policy before you sign on the dotted line. This is one place you, for sure, want to read all the fine print.

Your camera and camera accessories are worth a lot of money. Cover them correctly. I strongly recommend replacement cost as opposed to ACV (actual cash value). If you are not familiar with these terms learn about them.

You can decide to cancel the insurance as your equipment ages. It seems that ol’ Murphy goes away after a certain timeframe.

One final thought. Before you invest in any given camera accessories make sure they are compatible with your specific brand and model. The last thing you want is to get to your destination without having pre-tested something, only to find out it won’t work.

I went to another country when my equipment was brand new. I thought I put it through all the necessary tests. Well to my surprise, my external hard drive had problems working with my camera and the memory card I used.

When I got home I went straight to the camera store to find out that even they were unaware of the problem. It was one certain camera, one memory stick and one certain hard drive. The next generation hard drive the problem was fixed, so they outright gave me the new one. That was nice.

This is a situation that was unavoidable as the problem took the combination of three different pieces of equipment, all working together, to cause the problem. It was an unknown problem, but the outcome was still the same. It was the loss of lots of pictures. Please be careful.

What ever camera accessories I choose, I always - always make certain I save enough money in my camera accessories fund to cover a copy of Photoshop Elements for doing the post editing work.

There you have it!

The necessary and optional camera accessories as I see it. I hope you have come away with some compelling information from this page.

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