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You can continue as though nothing happened, but when you load the pictures into your computer the sequences will be out of order and look different than each other. Personally, I like consistency. It helps when I am looking at each sequence as a whole.

As I rifle through the bracketed shots I move along with a rhythm and my brain goes on auto pilot. If the exposures are all mixed up it becomes a jumbled mess for my brain to process. It is easiest if every bracketed series is the same.

This series shows how my camera exposes 5 auto-bracketed shots.

The first is the correct exposure. The second shot is 2 stops under exposed, third, one stop under. The last two are over exposed by one, then 2 stops. From these you can choose which exposure you like best, like this.

There is a program that takes a little more learning to use.

I touched on it above. It is known as “High Dynamic Range Imaging.” What these programs do is take your bracketed shots, compile them and turn them into a beautiful photograph.

You can download and use many HDRI software free of charge. When using the free trial version, they will place a watermark on the finish picture.

In order to make the watermark go away, you pay for the program. I like this feature because I tried a half dozen of the programs before I settled on Dynamic Photo HDR. I chose it because of the adjustments it has and the finished look I get from it.

You have lots of room for experimentation. Do a search for these programs with the simple key words “hdr software.” That will bring up a wide range of programs you can try.

Check out these pictures. The top photo of each pair was processed using “High Dynamic Range Imaging.” The bottom was not. Without using HDRI even the right exposure sorely lacks the life and depth one gets with it.

Which would you display? Uh huh, and until you discovered my website you thought gorgeous, marketable photos were beyond your reach! Didn’t you!? Go ahead, you can admit it. Now you know that you can create beautiful photography!

Don't care so much for the powerful image? Simple; turn down the saturation a little. You will still retain the life not found in non-HDRI images. Be sure to compare the garden through the door.


That’s bracketing and how to end up with super dynamic photos that you will love. So, tell me, since perusing my site, have you as yet decided to start marketing your photo-art? I’d love to hear your story.

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