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Always remember that the low cost Point & Shoot cameras will give you rough pictures compared to the higher end ones. Especially in low light conditions.

That being said - -

If you don't mind doing your own searching and comparing; it’s time learn how to fish for your best camera. When I did my first search I almost made a huge mistake. I almost bought a professional DSLR camera. Fortunately one of the sales guys asked the right questions and I learned that I should stay with a high end consumer camera, saving myself several thousand dollars in body cost alone!

Thank you Josh! Needless to say he became my trusted advisor. After that, whenever I needed something I went straight to him to buy it.

I also changed the way I look for a camera. Up to that point, I was doing a search and comparison of all the technical information, thereby completely overlooking what was most important; that being what suits me best.

The way I now conduct my search includes little actual technical studies. Technical differences serve to confuse more than they serve to choose. It is a rather simple matter to choose the one camera that best suits you! I’ll step you through it.

If you have read my home page you know that quality of picture is seldom an issue when deciding on the right camera for you.

There are those who say a given camera produced less than satisfactory results. But, unless there are a good number of people who say the same thing about the same camera, I take it with a grain of salt.

When I start a search, most of the time I come to the starting gate completely ignorant. That means with all the information available I could spend literally weeks researching.

Instead, I have learned to take advantage of the studies done by others. In other words the masses will lead to what is most popular. And they are the most popular because they serve well; therefore I typically choose from those. If there is a particular benefit you seek, you simply do your search with that benefit in mind.

Most likely you are reading this page on the Internet. That means you have access. You can do a search using terms such as "most popular point & shoot camera." Vary the wording and do several searches. Write down what you find and maybe bookmark some of the pages.

Canons dominate the point and shoot market. There is good reason for that. Canon offers benefits that people like and want. If you ultimately decide to buy a point and shoot based strictly on popularity I don’t think you can go wrong.

Different Canons are listed as the most popular depending upon who you ask. Each site or store you visit will show a different camera as most popular, but Canons easily dominate this category as well as the advanced point & Shoot category.

My best suggestion for finding the best point and shoot camera for you is search online for those features and benefits you want. I start by looking for what is most popular. I choose a few of those and look deeper into them.

I decide which benefits are what I want and how much it will cost to get those benefits, then decide which one to get. Again, the worst thing you can do is to hold out for the absolute, perfect, bestest camera of all time and history!!

If you start comparing everything under the sun you will end up inundated with information, confused and conflicted. You may just decide to get nothing which, in my opinion, is the biggest mistake of all. You are much better off getting a camera that is not quite right than having no way to capture those most precious moments of your life.

Sony, Fuji and Panasonic seem to consistently have a camera or two that hit the most popular list as well. Nikon, my first choice, doesn’t seem to be so popular in the smaller cameras. Go figure!? Why doesn’t everybody want my camera of choice? I don’t get it.

The next thing to notice is that when one goes by most popular, none of the smaller point and shoot cameras make the grade. It seems many people choose to step up one category into the “Advanced Point and Shoot” and still more choose a “DSLR.” Don’t be dissuaded if you need a small camera. Stick to your guns. You will be happiest that way.

The little ones take great shots.

Just know and remember the limitations of the little cameras. Those limitations being mainly the speed at which the smaller cameras get ready to shoot and the speed at which you can take pictures.

The bottom line; if you do a little homework and don’t let yourself get caught up in having to know everything about everything there is to know about everything, you will get the best point and shoot camera for you personally.

One final thought; everything mechanical has its difficulties. Cameras are no exception. When looking at customer reviews you will always read about things such as mechanical failures shortly after purchase. If there are a few of these out of several hundred the odds are that you won't get one.

There is still the possibility that you will. Remember that if you refuse a camera based on a few of these reviews you will be eliminating everything from your list of possibilities. Just notice the percentage of those problems listed and make a choice based on the probability.

You can begin your search by going to and see what is selling best right now.

Learn how to go directly to "Best Sellers" here.

When it is time to step up to an advanced point and shoot or a DSLR you will know it. Even if that time is now, as you study and search.

You will undoubtedly want to get some camera accessories with your camera. Be sure to read this page to help make those decisions.

Never forget to figure about $99 for your copy of Photoshop in to your budget.

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