What is truly the best DSLR camera?

The best DSLR camera is the one you choose!! Obvious? Not so much it seems.

It’s time to find your best camera. When I did my first search I almost made a huge mistake. I almost bought a professional camera. Fortunately one of the sales guys asked the right questions and I learned that I should stay with a high end consumer camera, saving myself several thousand dollars in the body cost alone!

Thank you Josh! Needless to say he became my trusted advisor.

I also changed the way I look for a camera. I was doing a search and comparison of all the technical information, thereby completely overlooking the real variables in choosing the best DSLR camera for me.

The way I now conduct my search includes little in the way of technical comparisons. You’ll notice the lack of in depth technical information on my site.

There is lots of technical information everywhere you look. When you read the technical information you are still left with the chore of deciding which is the best of the best of the best of all! With technology that so closely matches the competition how can you ever know you are making the BEST choice? And what if you choose the one that is a little lesser? Is that really a mistake?

Thus, using technical information how would you ever arrive at the one and only camera that is best suited for you? I'll treat you like I'm your friend standing at your side. I will help you choose your own personal “Best DSLR Camera”; not the choice of those with the most convincing words.

The other thing you’ll notice about this page is its simplicity. It is a rather simple matter to choose the one camera that best suits you!

This page assumes you have settled on a category of camera that is right for you. If you have not read camera comparison, do so now. Then continue here if you settle on a DSLR, or go to best point and shoot.

This page is about consumer grade cameras. I will not be discussing professional grade cameras. Nikon and Canon are, by far, the two brands in contention for the lead in consumer DSLRs.

As far as the latest and the greatest of each, there is an entire array of possibilities available from each. The bad news is the shear quantity available. The good news is one can break down the numbers into smaller groupings in order to come to a conclusion as to which is truly the best DSLR camera for you personally.

There are three basic categorizations.

First, is entry level DSLR. For Nikon this would be something like the D40 (which I own and love) The Canon equivalent is the Rebel XT.

Second, is mid level. Nikon, D80 or D90. Canon, EOS40D or EOS50D.

Third, is high end consumer cameras. These are one step shy of being a professional camera. Nikon D200/300 and D700 fall into this category. Canon 5D. I own a D200. I have had it for several years.

There is a subcategory of camera. It is called the "full frame" camera.

I would not step up except that Nikon, blast it, has come out with a “full frame” camera. The D700. As of now, that's the best DSLR camera for me!

For many people, full frame may make no difference. For some of us it is preferable because it allows us to go back to shooting like we did with film cameras.

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