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Hello! It's me.

Welcome to my little world. Can you tell I love taking pictures? Well I do. Would one consider my pictures to be snapshots or can they rightfully be called photographs? I guess that’s something you will have to decide. I offer my definition of a photograph on my home page.

This is me enjoying the Santa Barbara beach.

I remember having a camera as early as eleven years old. That would be in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred sixty five. Started out, needless to say, with film cameras. I just turned to digital in 2005.

This, here's my bride. Ain't she just cutest little thing you ever did see!?

We have lots of fun together. Like making bunny shadows on the ceiling in the back of the truck when we're camping.

Yup! In here.

One day I was visiting the home of a friend of my bride; Their walls were filled with beautiful, artistic photographs. After I looked around for quite some time the man of the house walked up to me and said “They are all digital.” My response was one of amazement and disbelief. But I knew he wasn’t joking.

Wow! What a difference a day makes. When I got my first little digital point & shoot, I came from a high end consumer SLR, I was amazed at how much and how quickly I could learn! Shooting film for many years I learned a little bit, but with a digital camera my education in photography took a quantum leap so to speak.

I fell in love with photography all over again! Over the years I had become somewhat disenchanted with photography. I would shoot a roll of film and have to wait to see the results. When I would finally get the pictures there were so many things I wished I could edit. Even trading down from an expensive film camera to an inexpensive digital it was like life returned to my camera.

The speed of the SLR was the only thing I missed. I was used to pulling up the camera and shooting the picture very quickly. I got a DSLR as soon as I possibly could. So, thanks to Solo Build It.com, here I am, sharing my experiences over these past years with you. Well, and any friends you care to introduce.

I’m from Wisconsin and now live in Santa Barbara California. I love the west coast. I have traveled lots of places in the southwestern United States as well as a little out of the country. While I consider Santa Barbara to be my home, I plan to keep traveling. I take pictures everywhere I go. Always have.

This is me in Bolivia. February, 2007.

I don’t even know where we were. Leslie drove. She lives in La Paz and she was playing official tour guide for a good part of the time we were there.

Grew up near Milwaukee. I love Harleys. Oh, did I tell you I love being outside? Well, I do. I have actually lived out of my sleeping bag for months at a time. My mom was an outdoorsman. She taught all 6 of us how to enjoy it.

I think I took to it more so than my 2 sisters or 3 brothers. I’m still an outdoorsman. My bicycle and trailer are my primary mode of transportation. When I have to, or I am feeling lazy, I drive. If I don’t make it home by dark, either on my bikey or in the truck, I just stop and sleep.

My Bikey.

With all digital stuff it's harder to travel on foot or my bikey and stay in my sleeping bag. I have to have someplace to plug in all my equipment so I can take non-stop pictures all day long.

That makes it difficult to go without electricity for weeks at a time. With large enough memory cards and enough batteries I can make it for about a week. Also, if I limit the times I shoot long bursts it helps preserve my batteries. That’s a hard thing for me to do though. It goes against my nature.

I can make due by finding a small business that lets me plug in. I can trade some kind of service, or even pictures, for the privilege. I make lots of friends by offering pictures. It's fun.

Many days I shoot from sunup to sundown and beyond. I easily shoot a thousand pictures in a day.

And that makes me feel like this!

I'm enjoying a siesta in Bisbee, Arizona.

Anyway, I kind of get addicted to shooting. I love to just see if I can get that perfect shot. I don’t imagine I will ever get that perfect shot because, to me...

the love of photography is a journey, not a goal.

That’s about the way I approach photography. I have never had formal training. I am self taught. I am always reading and always shooting. I put this site together out of a love for photography. I bring it to you because I want to share it.

Once again, welcome to my little world and enjoy the journey. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact me here.


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