The best camera means the best pictures, right? Not necessarily.

Which is really the best camera? My site is all about helping you weed through the seemingly endless array of equipment and arriving at the best pictures! After all, the end result is your true goal, am I right?

Do you want professional looking photographs? One of these pictures was taken with a $3,000 combination, the other with a little 6 megapixel point & shoot. Can you tell which is which?

To me both of these photos look vibrant and alive! What do you think? The top photo was taken with the little point & shoot, the other with a costly setup. So which is truly the best camera? That my friend, is a relative term.

Your camera is but a single piece of the photography puzzle! Just about everyone has seen that even with very expensive equipment you often end up with little more than simple snapshots.

Wonder why that is? It's a little something called post editing. See what that is here and then return and continue this page. Please be sure to bookmark me so you can get back here.

One of the following pictures...

was taken with a $100 Point & Shoot camera. The other, with a high end consumer body and lens costing over $2,000. Can you tell which is which?

The photo above was taken with the $100 Point & Shoot; the one below, with the costly setup.

Notice how both pictures have brilliant colors, real life and depth. Post editing is of utmost importance in arriving at photographs you will be proud to display.

Some times a more elaborate camera is needed; some times it is not. On my site you will learn what is best for your needs.

The purpose of my entire site is to reveal the truth of beautiful photography. Everybody knows it involves some knowledge of the right settings and good composition practices.

What most people don't know and what those in the profession will never tell you is that POST EDITING is truly at the heart of a beautiful photograph! Without it, regardless of what you use to capture the picture, you can only expect to create a photograph that makes you go "WOW" once in a great while.

What I call a snapshot is a picture that lacks any real life. It may be flat, dull or whatever. A genuine photograph makes you go “WOW”! It offers real life and depth.

Filled with photographs, your albums will revive brilliant memories. They will transport your mind's eye right back to that moment in time, as well as capturing and leading the imagination of others.

The only way to achieve that is with a winning combination of equipment, settings and post editing of your photographs. If you're anxious to get started using a free editing program, Picasa, Photoscape and are popular. But be sure you visit my site regularly for help and suggestions.

First I’ll help you choose which is truly the best camera for your goals. Then we will explore the rest.

People are inspired by great photography regardless of how you achieved it. Who knows, maybe you'll be photographing your friends and their families too.

If you take full advantage of my site you will become known, in your circle of acquaintances, as an amazing photographer. You'll also amaze yourself.

Enjoy the journey.

Thanks for visiting. Soon there will be even more pages added to my site. I will take you through each easy step to amazing photographs. So come back often to get the latest. And I'm here for you. Take advantage of it.

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